What is so special at this recipe?

Dalgona coffee has proven that not even a pandemic can stop people from getting creative! 

Looking in the album after the good days …

cuba, caribbean, sea

… from that white sandy beach that Anapedia reminded me of,

small, island, honolulu

… I realize I’m actually on the balcony.

drapes, curtains, window view

Introduce in your program, as a moment of relaxation, this drink recipe, very simple to make. # stamacasa for weeks, just looking out the window and preparing more and more looks.

But without moving away from the wine bottle or the Netflix channel, looking for creative activities or making time pass more easily. 

We often dream of a beach full of coconut trees, with a glass as cold as ice!

drink, ice, ice drink

But I’m happy to be safe, but there’s one thing I’m missing.

No, I’m not necessarily talking about going to the park or the movie. 

It is the soft and sweet sound, the clink-clink of the collided glasses and the delicious coffee, with cold foam and the overestimated price! I’m not telling you about the beach frappés! 

Now, let me introduce you to Instagram-friendly dalgona coffee to get you bored.

cafea dalgona

You may have recently seen an appetizing coffee drink, with an absolutely … delicious, creamy and … fluffy look.

If so, then we can thank the South Korean vloggers who innovated this dalgona coffee recipe.

Named after a Korean caramel candy – because both are brown sugar-colored and lovely, like fluffy clouds – dalgona coffee is here to fill the hole in the shape of iced coffee, from your quarantined heart.

It’s easy to make, it only contains ingredients we already have in the house (if not, our friends who filled the pantries will surely save us! Note!)

And it’s very, very good looking.

In other words, it is the opposite of a beginning of action.

  • First, measure equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar, and warm water. (example: 2 teaspoons with coffee, 2 teaspoons with sugar and 2 teaspoons with hot water)
  • It is very important. If you put 2 teaspoons with coffee, you will need to add more water along the way, to create that dense foam.
  • My recommendation would be to start with a teaspoon of water and as soon as you start mixing, add a little more.
  • If the foam starts to gain volume, continue to drip water to continue increasing the volume.

Start with two tablespoons of sugar and follow this weight for the rest of the ingredients. Then put them in a bowl. The water should be hot or boiling to help the coffee and sugar dissolve. 

The easiest to mix is using a mixer. In about 3 minutes, you will get a coffee paste, which will then form some golden waves

Next, fill a glass with ice, pour milk (or no ice and only hot milk), or a milk substitute and lightly put the coffee on top, using a teaspoon.

Powder, at the end, a cinnamon heart, for the person with whom you share the quarantine. 🙂

Dalgona coffee will surely notice you in front of your loved one. 

* You can make more dalgona coffee and freeze it in ice cube molds.

On another day, you can pour hot milk or cold milk over the previously prepared cubes.

* If you have children and are very eager, you can use Karob.

* It can also be consumed with hot milk, instead of cold. Or instant coffee (ness) replaced with barley or cereal.

* If you use a tel or spoon, the mixing time will be much longer. 

Congratulations! Now you are a bartender, a scientist and a connoisseur of the latest innovations.

When we get out of quarantine, give a hug and honor a coffee to a loved one.

cafea dalgona

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